Thursday, October 7, 2010

You may have noticed ...

... that things look a bit different. Hopefully, it's a bit of an improvement--cleaner to read and easier to browse. Same blog, though; just a different design. I think I have it set now, although I may tweak it here and there as time goes on.

Incidentally, I took the photo at the top of the blog this past summer in Switzerland from the Little Matterhorn (12,736 feet) looking toward the Breithorn. It's one of my favorite photographs of all those I took this summer. Why? It's hard to explain. It is visually stunning, of course, but even more striking in my view is a plaque below the corpus of the crucifix mounted at the summit of the Little Matterhorn. It contains a short message in several different languages: Be more human. More than anything else, that is the spiritual message I took away from the entire experience--and there it was, near the end of the trip, spelled out for me on a mountaintop in a foreign country.

The small photograph to the right with my profile was taken by Br. Matthew in our Archabbey Church here at Saint Meinrad as I was making my first profession in January 2008. Pictured with me is Fr. Harry, who was then the novice-junior master.

Finally, the photo accompanying the archive (yes, intentionally chosen) is a photo I took from our cemetery here at Saint Meinrad.

As monks, after all, we are to "keep death daily before your eyes" and "prefer nothing whatever to Christ" so that he may "bring us all together to everlasting life."

Br. Francis

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