Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn incandescence

On this gorgeous (and unusually warm) Sunday afternoon, I grabbed my camera and took a walk to soak up the radiant fall colors on the grounds of Saint Meinrad Archabbey. Although it has been very dry here (I don't think we've received even a quarter inch of rain since I returned from Europe two months ago), the foliage is doing its best to put on a show.

Along the way, I ran into my good friends Cinnamon and her human, Sr. Diane Pharo, a faculty member at the Seminary and School of Theology. Cinnamon agreed to pose for the price of a Fig Newton.

My favorite time of year.

How paradoxical that the leaves are most brilliant as they are dying and falling to the ground in preparation for the cold, dark days of winter -- only to be outdone by the bursting of fresh buds and tender blooms each spring.

The Light of Creation reveals to us the radiant promise of the Resurrection with each new day and season. Blessed be God forever.


Tulle said...

Beautiful Brother Francis... just beautiful. And I love that you have included a photo of that sweet dog.

To me there is no time like Autumn with all the magnificent colours and that special crispness in the air. It is a time for reflection and a time to slow down.

Definitely MY time and on a day like today, where the sun is shining brightly and there is a light smell of wood smoke in the air, I can't ask our Lord for a better day.


Br. Francis de Sales Wagner said...


May the splendor of Autumn always shower God's brilliance upon you.

Br. Francis