Friday, October 1, 2010

In a new light

I'm not sure why, but this morning during the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass in the Archabbey Church, I looked up at this set of windows high above one side of the altar, and saw them in a completely new light. This, even though they've been above me every day now for four years. Strange. But they captivated me and drew me through them in a way I cannot explain. It was not a distraction from what was going on at the altar so much as it was a new lens through which to participate in the mystery being celebrated. I could not avert my eyes.

After Mass, wanting to "capture" the image for myself, I hurried to get my camera and went back to the church to take this photo. The windows were still there, of course, but the light in which I had seen them previously had dissipated. I took the photo anyway, but it just goes to show that the Light of God's Love cannot be captured, but rather captures us--one ray at a time.

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