Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our help is in the name of the Lord

Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time—C

Exodus 17:8-13
2Timothy 3:14-4:2
Luke 18:1-8

“Be persistent” in proclaiming God’s Word, St. Paul says in today’s second reading. Likewise, St. Luke’s Gospel records Jesus’ parable of the persistent widow to illustrate the need to “pray always without becoming weary.” Prayer is fundamental to the Christian life—not because God needs to hear us, but because we need to hear and express our faith in the Word, which equips us for every good work.

Moses—who prefigures Christ—demonstrates this in the first reading. Overlooking the battle atop a hill, Moses guides his forces to victory by keeping his arms raised in the form of a cross. Two details are key. First, others must support his arms. Second, he holds the “staff of God,” which accomplishes through Moses all God’s mighty works—such as dividing the Red Sea and drawing water from a rock.

In our day, we are armed with the Word of God in fighting our spiritual enemies if we are persistent in remaining united in prayer through faith. To “pray always without becoming weary” means that, together, we believe “our help is in the name of the Lord.”

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