Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deck the cloister

This morning the novices and juniors decorated the monastery's two main community gathering areas (besides the church) in preparation for Christmas. With the prior's permission, I snapped a few photos to offer a rare view of a few areas within the monastery cloister. The rooms we decorated included the refectory (dining room) and calefactory (living room). In case you're wondering, we are required to wear our habits in church, class, community meetings, and at evening meals and official functions in which we are representing the monastery. At other times, depending on what we're doing, we may wear habits or regular clothing. Putting up live Christmas trees (they smell great but are quite messy) definitely calls for grubby work clothes. -- Br. Francis

Advent wreath and “O” Antiphon banners
(by Br. Martin Erspamer, O.S.B.) in refectory.

Br. Adam, left, and Novice Michael
prepare to raise the refectory tree.

Statue of Virgin Mother and Child and poinsettias
on the head table in the refectory. In the background
is the Last Supper painting by Fr. Donald Walpole, O.S.B.

Novice Timothy places garland on the mantel.

Novice Michael adjusts
the calefactory tree lights.

Novice Timothy performs
a final inspection.

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