Sunday, May 22, 2011


Tomorrow morning we begin our annual community retreat here in the monastery. It is a time for us to slow down a bit, renew, and recharge ourselves spiritually during a week of prayer, recollection and fellowship.

Fr. Patrick Caveglia of Conception Abbey in Missouri will be leading the retreat, giving two conferences each day. For table reading during the retreat, we will be listening to Barbara Brown Taylor's An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith.

One of the nice things about the retreat will be the return of many of our expositi -- monks of Saint Meinrad who are assigned to live, work, or study elsewhere most of the year. The retreat ends on Friday with a special Mass and the renewal of vows by solemnly professed monks.

During the retreat, my exposure to the Internet will be minimal, so I will not be posting anything here until Friday, when I will put up the weekly commentary on the following Sunday's Mass readings.

Please keep us all in prayer!

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Scott said...

Enjoy Barbara Brown Taylor's book. She's a wonderful writer.