Friday, April 29, 2011

'Do this in remembrance of me.'

Blessings and congratulations to my nephew Ian, age 8, who makes his First Communion on Sunday!

The exquisite piece of art you see above is by Ian himself (in case you can't tell). Each of the children preparing to receive First Communion was to make his or her own banner as a pew marker for the special day.

Prayer for First Communicants

You loved us so much
that you gave us the gift
of the Holy Eucharist.
Look graciously on the young children
who are about to receive you for the first time.
Protect them from all evil,
stengthen their faith,
increase their love,
and endow them will all the virtues
that will make them worthy to receive you.

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Paul & Francine said...

Yes Ian, our prayers are with you as you begin this journey with our LORD.
We are so proud of you!!
Mamoose and Papamoose Trygstad, Alaska