Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where your treasure is ...

One day while hiking in Switzerland, one of the many rocks on the path I was on caught my eye. I picked it up and marveled. It was a mini-mountain—a three-dimensional, triangular shaped stone with a flat bottom that looked remarkably similar to the real mountain in view before me—the Little Mythen. I kept the pocket-sized replica as a souvenir of my trip, and remember thinking that oftentimes, the most valuable treasures are free and right under our noses.

Many visitors to this blog have commented on how striking some of the photos posted here have been. I had a good but very simple camera (on loan from Br. Adam), some stunning scenery, and eyes filled with wonder to work with. However, it occurred to me after returning to Saint Meinrad that while I have taken and shared photographs of beautiful places throughout central Europe for an entire summer, there is little of the beauty I am privileged to enjoy each day of my monastic life right here. So today, before returning the camera, I walked around the Archabbey grounds to capture some of the scenery which surrounds my prayer, work, and community life as a monk of Saint Meinrad. It is home, and it is beautiful—free and right under my nose.

As I settle back in here, we are preparing for the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary on Sunday and the solemn vows of Br. John and Br. Matthew. May God uphold them during their monastic journeys, through the intercession of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, St. Benedict, and St. Meinrad. (This now places me, God-willing, in the “on-deck circle” for January.)

Enjoy. And may we all keep eyes trained on the numerous treasures before us.

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