Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Riding high

Below are a few shots I managed to take on the train back to Einsiedeln from Annecy. On the way to Annecy, I had traveled west across Switzerland and through big cities like Geneva and Bern before approaching Annecy from the north (and the south; mountains make that possible and even necessary). On the return trip I purposely took a longer route (about 10 hours) through the Alps east and south of Annecy, eventually approaching Einsiedeln from the south. The view was worth every minute. For those following along at home, the route followed a path that included Cluses (France), Chamonix-Mont--Blanc (France), Martigny, Sion, and Brig. A moving train makes taking photographs a little tricky. Unwanted objects tend to crowd into view at critical moments. These, however, didn't turn out half bad.

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