Monday, September 14, 2009

Triumph of the Cross

Every moment is grace, an endless opportunity to praise God.

Whether we see, hear, or respond, it is always there, even guiding us when all seems lost.

And when one moment passes, another arrives.

Each one is pregnant with the grace of mercy so that we might recognize peace in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Look, listen, and learn from the Cross.

-- Br. Francis

Love is most likely to spring from another's need of us,
and the fact of spending ourselves for another always
generates new life in us. To give life is the purpose of love,
and we love those people most of all whose needs waken
a response in us that floods us with creative energy,
causing us to put out new green shoots of life.

-- Caryll Houselander

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ErnestO said...

"Look, listen, and learn from the Cross."

When we make the Sign of the Cross, it is a sign that we are choosing to cling to the Living God who dwells in us through the Gift of the Holy Spirit.